Alignment Services in Albuquerque, NM

Being able to steer and brake appropriately while driving is critical to your safety. The best way to ensure your vehicle is handling as it should, is to keep up on alignment and brake service in Albuquerque, NM. Advance Team Automotive, Inc. is ready to help!

As a full-service tire and brake shop in Albuquerque, NM, we’re able to provide your vehicle with the essential repair and maintenance services it needs to handle flawlessly out on the road.

Alignment Services

Keeping your wheels aligned improves handling overall, as well as fuel economy and tire longevity. If you notice your vehicle tracking to one side or handling roughly around corners, it might be time to look into an alignment.

Our shop is equipped with the precision tools needed to restore your vehicle’s alignment to perfection. We’ll calibrate your alignment and balance your tires to make sure the next time you hit the road, you’re doing so with perfect handling.


The suspension system is critical in supporting your tires and drivetrain, which means keeping shocks and struts in good condition is imperative. We’ll service your suspension system whenever needed, assuring a smooth ride and mitigated wear on your car’s critical undercarriage components.


Need new pads and shoes? Calipers and rotors? Master cylinder service? Whatever the demands of your brake system, our ASE certified techs are ready to put in the work. We’re experienced in providing brake and alignment service in any capacity, to ensure your vehicle’s most important safety feature is fully-functional at all times.


If your tires are balding or have lost safe traction, it’s time for a new set. Our shop will provide you with quality tread options from Michelin Tires and all other major brands, giving you the handling and traction you need out on the road, in any condition.

Let Us Keep You on the Road in Albuquerque, NM

Don’t forget about all of the major under-car components that need attention and service throughout the life of your vehicle! Advance Team Automotive, Inc. will assist you with alignment services, suspension work, brakes and the like when the need arises. Contact us at 505-891-1515 to schedule your service appointment for brake and alignment services, engine electrical services, brakes repair, and more.