December 18, 2018

"Fred is the best! He has worked on both of my older vehicles. The shop is super clean and organized. Great communication and the prices are decent. I trust him and that is a great feeling when it comes to my ride! Kathy does a great job as well. She is friendly and appears to really enjoy her job. Thank you!"
October 9, 2018

Happy Customer

"Fred is a skilled automotive diagnostician and has been great at keeping my favorite but older car running like a new car!"
July 23, 2018

"I wouldn’t go anywhere else! Fred is awesome he gives you a quote before doing anything and make sure he has your permission to do something . From something as small as an oil change to something big they are an awesome team I would not choose to go anywhere else."
July 23, 2018

"Fred was fast and had us out of the shop in no time. Great customer service."
July 20, 2018

"Fred and his team have been servicing our cars for years now, and I can't say enough about the professionalism I've received every time. One of the things I love about Advanced Team Automotive is that despite what you may think is wrong with your car, they don't automatically assume that is the issue. That would be the easy thing. And start replacing parts based on your assumptions/fears. They are so thorough in their diagnostics with your car. You can Google and try to self-diagnose as much as you want. Let me save you some time. You will probably be wrong. And thank goodness, because the repairs always seem to be less costly than what I expected. I have a few cars, older models, that I run very hard. I'm in logistics and transportation. There were times where Fred and his team could've told me that I need this and that replaced. It would have been so easy. But Advanced Team Automotive has something you really seek out in a mechanic. Integrity. That is the biggest compliment I can give them. I trust them and will continue to. They have my business for life!"
Advance Team Automotive, Inc.