December 1, 2012

"I was recommended to get my 2008 Ford Edge repaired at Advanced Team Automotive by a co-worker/friend who had an Infiniti repaired there. Little leery to stray from a dealership because It's hard to find a good quality, trained, courteous, and professional auto mechanic in the Albuquerque, and Rio Rancho area. Fred, and the guys are those hard to find mechanics and more. Also, Cathy handling the calls shows care and great attitude and extremely helpful. I had a front bearing go out and they scheduled me within two days for a estimate to verify and diagnose the issue; what was even more fantastic was they ordered and installed the part the very same day no need to reschedule after an estimate like many dealers or auto shops. They showed great concern on pin pointing the issue as to not repair something that wasn't the issue and overcharge you. The pricing/rates is very competitive more important quality, care, and concern was an added value. Don't let the the location or shop size scare you this is a well run, family friendly type atmosphere. All I know is I will not go back to the Ford dealer or any other repair shop. Well worth giving them a call. Also, they dropped me off at work and picked me up and would have even drove me home. True customer satisfaction with good results. Thanks Fred, Cathy, and I think it was Cesar."
November 17, 2012

"This is the same Advanced Auto Team that was formerly run by Fred's brother Rodney who transformed our 96 Jeep into a real machine after his amazing tune-up of the vehicle. Walking into the shop, I noticed that Fred has made some nice changes. For one, the shop now has a neat little office where you can sit and talk with the mechanic. Before, there was a desk in the garage--which was fine--but this new arrangement makes the client feel that he has the mechanic's full attention. You get to admire a wall plastered with Fred's certificates and awards--and admire Fred all the more for his modest, unassuming nature given all his accomplishments at such a young age! Also, they are now able to provide a ride to work in Rio Rancho, so you are not left with some huge taxi fare just to save your job after you leave your car. Another pleasant addition is office manager Kathy--very professional, but human and down to earth as well, someone you feel comfortable talking to. So, it looks like I was spared all kinds of costs when Fred told me that I do not have a steering fluid leak. Which goes along with the fact that I may have been overfilling the receptacle or putting inferior product in it (I generally stay with Lucas but have recently fallen into trying to save money with less efficient fluid.) Another good thing happened to us at Advanced Auto Team. Fred gave us a referral to a body expert so we can get the back of our vehicle repaired once our parts come in. We have had a hard time trying to find a good body guy because of our limited knowledge. Fred has saved us all kinds of time, leg work, and probably some money because of his professional referral. So, Advanced Auto Team is also a place of information as well as service. We've given up on the big-shot chains and their one-size-fits-all mentality. Better to go with a hidden gem like Advanced Auto Team--Rio Rancho's best kept secret. And did I mention that young Fred and his brother Rodney are well raised? Good breeding is also a plus for those of us who are sick of the vulgarity we encounter elsewhere. Fred is a class act--ethical, informative, professional, and personable. Do yourself a favor and take your vehicle to Advanced Auto Team next time you need help. Trust me: You will definitely thank yourself for doing so."
September 29, 2012

"I just recently took my car to Fred, and I have to say that thier work is high quality. I had a number of things wrong with my car. Fred was able to give me price options prior to any work being done. Once a solution was selected they were able to get everything fixed in a timely manor and at a good price. When I went to pick up my car Fred was able to walk me through everything that was done. So if you want quality work and a friendly enviornment give them a try."
September 13, 2012

"I would highly recommend using this as your go to place for all your car problems._They are very reasonably priced, give great service, and very friendly!!!"
August 15, 2012

"Good honest people that really care. Great/competitive prices with a smile. Will always be my go to mechanics. Trustworthy advice without pressure."
Advance Team Automotive, Inc.